As the school year begins with a bombardment of tests and homework, a certain group of students are challenging themselves by taking what is considered to be one of the most challenging junior level classes in MSMS: AP chemistry.  In order to be placed into this course, the students have had to take a selective placement exam, which is given on junior orientation day. AP chemistry is offered five days a week, and one out five days is a lab day.  

The labs in AP chemistry are designed to train the students for the lab-based questions on the AP chemistry exam and for real-world research. All of the students who take AP chemistry have homework in Mastering Chemistry, a website designed to help the students excel in AP chemistry; however, not many of the students are fond of Mastering Chemistry. Despite the challenge, these homework assignments and the classwork tremendously help the students. Baili Zhong, a senior and an ex-AP Chemistry student, says,  

“They [the assignments] helped solidify what we learned in class, and many of my friends used it [Mastering Chemistry] to study for the AP exam,” said Bali Zhong, an MSMS senior who took the class last year. Zhong scored a 4 on the AP Chemistry exam.  

Despite being one of the hardest classes offered at MSMS, AP chemistry sparks a love for chemistry for many students.  

“I really love chemistry, and AP chemistry solidifies my interest, especially the labs,” said MSMS junior Gary Nguyen.  

Additionally, many of the seniors are considering a major in chemistry after taking the class. Shivani Patel, a senior in MSMS who is considering going into biochemistry, says, “Though some concepts were a little difficult to understand, I really enjoyed the class and learning from Dr. Morgan. I was very well prepared for the AP exam,” said Shivani Patel, an MSMS senior who is considering majoring in biochemistry.  

In the end, despite the challenges AP chemistry continues to push students to their limits and inspires an interest in the students.