The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science provides an accelerated, immersive curriculum for the state’s gifted and talented 11th and 12th grade students. Specifically designed to challenge students to push themselves academically, all courses at MSMS are taught at an honors level or above.  

MSMS students have access to over a dozen Advanced Placement courses and dual enrollment courses. Additionally, students who are interested in a particular art or music discipline may also take these electives through Mississippi University for Women.  

All students are engaged in weekly laboratory experiences in state-of-the-art laboratory settings. MSMS students are required to take a minimum of two classes in each of the three sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). Additionally, all students are required to take calculus and statistics 

During their time at MSMS, students can participate in semester-long research internships through a partnership with Mississippi State University, explore career interests through the mentorship program, test out business concepts through the entrepreneurship program, or make their ideas come to life in the engineering lab 

While MSMS places a strong emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), students also have the opportunity to enroll in excellent courses in the arts and humanities. We offer five different world languages, visual arts courses, and musical instrument independent study. Additionally, MSMS students are able to participate in dramatic performances as well as choir and band