Campus Life

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science prides itself on its ability to offer an immersive living and learning experience for academically gifted students across the state. In order to create an optimal experience for our residential students, the Office of Student Affairs has developed a comprehensive residential life program designed to encourage the growth and development of each individual student within a structured, guided, and supported environment.  Our live-in residential staff provide a variety of social and co-curricular programs for students to connect, learn, and grow.  By focusing on character development, self-governance, community involvement, diversity, and good citizenship, these programs help create a living environment where our students can thrive.   

Another core responsibility of the Residential Life Staff at MSMS is to ensure that students conduct themselves in accordance with established standards for behavior. To assist students in developing self-discipline, self-reliance, and healthy habits, students are placed on a privilege plan that outlines their individual privileges based on their academic performance, personal conduct, health and hygiene, and general maturity. Students who fail to comply with the rules outlined in their privilege plan or who violate school rules, will be subject to discipline. For a complete overview of discipline policies, please refer to the Student Handbook.