STEM Carnival

Science Carnival

The MSMS Science Carnival is one of the school’s most beloved outreach activities. For over 20 years, MSMS has put on an interactive science-oriented carnival for local 2nd and 3rd grade students. Every year, this event reaches over 1,000 students with the hopes of encouraging scientific exploration in younger children. While the specific stations change slightly from year to year, they always focus on inertia, electricity, exposure to the metrics system, the properties of water, and color and light manipulation. In addition to the hands-on event geared towards elementary students, teachers receive a guidebook on inexpensive ways to incorporate more science-based learning into their classrooms. This guidebook contains experiment ideas, lesson plans, and best practices. The entire event is put on by current MSMS students as a service to the local community.

Traveling Stem Carnival

In addition to annual outreach events, MSMS participates in a variety of traveling STEM carnivals through partnerships with various school districts, local businesses, and non-profit organizations. 

These events are tailored to the specific interests and needs of the partnering organization. MSMS students, faculty, and staff plan and execute meaningful opportunities for students and community members to experience hands-on science and mathematics exploration.