Research & Mentorship

Mentorship, introduction to research, and special topics courses are not open to incoming juniors during the fall semester but may be available to juniors in the spring semester.  If you are interested, check with your counselor in the late fall.  mentorship and research require a 3.0 GPA in MSMS courses for participation.

Courses offered

Survey of Research provides juniors and seniors with a solid background in the principles and practices of scientific research.  Students enrolled in the course will participate in activities meant to equip them with the tools and strategies of a researcher, with the intent of enrolling in the MSMS research program with the placement in a lab in the Spring. (Fall only)

This course is designed to allow students to conduct scientific research under the combined mentorship of MSMS and Mississippi State University.  Students will be paired with university professors to assist with ongoing research projects.  Students are expected to attend an orientation session, complete 70 hours of research, and present a poster project of the research conducted.

This course will provide select students with hands-on experience in a chosen area of work. Students will be placed in an actual work environment in a career field that interests them or an area they will pursue as a college major. Only students who have shown strong commitment to the MSMS ideals of Scholarship, Service, Creativity, and Community and have demonstrated the ability to do exceptional work at MSMS will be placed in mentorship. The student will spend approximately four hours per week with a mentor and attend periodic meetings with other students in the program.  Up to 2 credits of mentorship can be earned at MSMS.  However, only the 2nd ½ credit will count toward the 13 MSMS required courses.  Course may be repeated.