The purpose of the engineering program is to expose students to a variety of engineering courses, concepts, skills and applications so that if completed, the student will have a beginning background in engineering entering college and eventually the work force. Students will be provided hands-on, real-world learning experiences through the engineering lab that will help them learn problem solving skills.


Courses offered

This course introduces students to engineering. Students will learn the engineering design process, engineering concepts, and the different engineering majors and their applications. Through this course, students will be asked to conduct hands-on activities that will teach them the basics of engineering and will meet and discuss with professional engineers. This course will allow students to better understand engineering and its applications to their future careers. 

This course is meant to give students a first opportunity to solve engineering problems. The students will choose an engineering problem that they would like to solve. Through the first half of the class, they will research the problem they are attempting to solve as well as gather the skills necessary to design their solution. The second half of the class will be spent testing their designs and communicating their results. This course acts as a capstone course for students interested in pursuing Engineering.

Students enrolled in this course will learn about materials science and how it is an integration of engineering, organic chemistry, and physics. They will learn about the different types of materials, their properties, and how engineers choose materials for different projects. A large portion of this course will be hands-on.

This course is offered to allow students an opportunity to develop expertise in the area of electronics. Assignments will be made from both text and laboratory designs. Students can gain familiarity with basic DC and AC circuits, measuring voltage/current/resistance, measuring AC signals, assessing complex impedance, designing simple antennas, and other introductory electrical engineering practices. A major part of the grade will be a final project.