Residential Experience

Life in the Residence Halls

As a residential high school, all students at The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science live in residence halls under the supervision of a professionally trained, full-time residential life staff. MSMS has a female residence hall (Goen Hall) and a separate male residence hall (Frazer Hall) that are exclusively reserved for MSMS students. Our Hall Directors, Residence Assistants (RAs), and Community Leaders (CLs) engage with students through a wide range of  cultural, educational, leadership, recreational, social and wellness activities – encouraging students to develop heathy habits, make positive choices, build friendships and find a balance  between academic and personal growth.  

For many of our students, their initial semester at MSMS is the first time they have been away from home for an extended period of time. To support students as they acclimate to their new lives at MSMS, our residential life staff, in collaboration with our professional counseling staff, are available to assist students struggling with homesickness, anxiety, or any other mental or emotional stressor. Additionally, the Office of Academic Affairs oversees a program called MSMS 101 that provides juniors with the necessary study habits, life skills, and resources to succeed at MSMS.  

Click here for the room and board waiver request form. If you do not qualify for the waiver based on your household income, click here for additional assistance

Residence Halls room layout

Goen Hall and Frazer Hall are identical in their design and layout. To the right is a diagram of a “model room” that outlines the items that are pre-furnished in each room. Students are allowed to bring additional furnishings for their rooms as long as the items comply with the polices laid out in the Student Handbook. Please note all rooms are set up “suite style” meaning every two rooms are adjoined via a private bathroom. Students will have one roommate and will share a bathroom with two suitemates.  

Each residence hall features a main lobby with a large television. Additionally, each floor has its own lobby that also features a television.  Computer labs, vending machines, coin operated laundry facilities, musical practice rooms, and group study areas are also provided in both Frazer and Goen Halls. 

Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to make them feel more like home.  Please refer to the Student Affairs—Residence Life section of the Student Handbook for an overview of approved and non-approved items for the residence halls, as well as for suggested items that many students wish to bring to create a more homelike atmosphere.   


Health & Wellness

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science believes that physical wellness is an important element in maintaining overall health and reducing stress. As a school community, we are committed to creating and sustaining an environment that enhances the learning and development of lifelong wellness practices. 

MSMS has a wellness requirement for graduation, which includes a combination of physical activity and wellness seminar participation. Wellness seminars are related to the eight dimensions of optimal health: occupational, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, physical, social, and intellectual. 

Students are encouraged to attend a wide variety of seminars, events, and programs designed to foster personal growth and healthy habits.  

  • Size: 16’10” x 9’8″ 
  • Lighting: Fluorescent wall fixtures. 
  • Closet: 2 closets (one for each student): 7’4″ wide x 2’4″ deep. 
  • Windows: Each room has one or more windows (60″ high by 48″wide) with mini-blinds. 
  • Colors: Room colors vary. 
  • Furniture: two beds able to be converted into bunk beds, cloth mattresses 36″ x 80″ (twin XL); two- 5 drawer dressers; two built-in desks with chairs. 
  • Each suite has a bathroom with one toilet, 2 sinks, and one shower.