The school year at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science has officially begun, and with it, so has college application season for the seniors. On September 12, 2016, nearly fifty different colleges from all over the United States visited MSMS during its annual College View program. Held in Pohl Gym, College View is an annual program which allows MSMS students the opportunity to interact with admissions counselors from different colleges.  

This year, forty eight colleges attended College View, including The University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, and Emory. The admissions counsellors who visit during College View say they have high expectations of the MSMS students and enjoy talking to them.  

“The students here are really strong in both academics and extracurricular activities, and that is the biggest thing I want to come back next year,” said an Emory admissions counselor.  

Along with prestigious out-of-state universities, several in-state universities attended, including Mississippi State University, The University of Mississippi, and The University of Southern Mississippi.   

“MSMS students are some of the higher ranking students in our university; they are the ‘cream of the crop.’” said Southern Miss representative Dr. Sabine Heinhorst. 

With so many colleges present, the students made good use of the opportunity.  

“This year’s College View was far better than what I remember last year,” said MSMS senior Damare Baker. Baker is a Questbridge applicant hoping to get into Yale University.  

In addition to the seniors, College View is also open to the Juniors. David Thaggard, a junior and an aspiring chemical engineer who has aspirations of attending MIT.  

“I came here to scout out colleges. I know that there are great colleges out there, and by coming to College View and MSMS, in general, I want explore every possible avenue,” he said.  

With the college application process in full swing, College View provided the students with an opportunity to scout colleges and allowed them to make full use of the opportunity of excellence that MSMS provides.