Admissions Criteria

Determine if you are eligible:

  • Applicants must be a resident of Mississippi.

  • Applicants must currently be in the 10th grade.

  • Applicants must submit an ACT score (Pre-ACT scores cannot be accepted).

  • Applicants must have earned a minimum of 12 Carnegie units of study by completion of 10th grade.

  • Applicants must show evidence of superior grades, especially in mathematics and science, with an overall average of 90 or higher.

  • Applicants must have certain classes completed by the end of the 10th grade.

    • Two units of English. English I and II are required.

    • Two units of Mathematics. Algebra I and Geometry are required. Algebra II is recommended.

    • Two units of science. Biology I is required. Chemistry is recommended.

    • Two units of Social Studies – Any combination of Mississippi Studies, World Geography, World History, Economics, or Government equaling two full units that will count towards graduation is required. Additional Social Studies units are recommended. Please note that only a half unit of geography can be applied towards graduation (i.e. AP Human Geography will only count for a half unit).

    • ½ unit of Health

    • MSMS strongly recommends the following courses to be complete before enrolling:

      • One unit of Technology. Computer Discovery, STEM, or ½ unit of Keyboarding and ½ unit of Computer Applications.
      • ½ unit of Physical Education.

If you need assistance determining whether or not you meet the admissions criteria or if you would like guidance in selecting your courses for your 9th and 10th grade years to be better positioned for admission into MSMS, please contact our Admissions Team at or by phone at (662)-329-7687.