Sponsored Events

Energy Awareness Day

The Mississippi Development Authority’s Energy and Natural Resources Division hosts an Energy Awareness Day annually in October to celebrate Energy Awareness Month. This event is held at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson to provide activities and interactive workshops that emphasize the importance of energy and natural resources. MSMS partners with MDA each year in this event by operating two interactive tents filled with activities and lessons about energy.  MSMS students conduct demonstrations and experiments to increase awareness of the environmental impacts caused by energy use and methods to reduce those impacts. 

More than 1,000 Mississippi students, teachers and consumers attend Energy Awareness Day each year. Energy Awareness Day is free and offers students, teachers and the public an excellent opportunity to learn about sources of energy, energy efficiency and our responsibility to protect and maintain our environment.

The MSMS Science Department, in collaboration with the Mississippi Development Authority’s Energy and Natural Resources Division, hosts the annual Mississippi Regional Middle School Science Bowl every spring. The event encourages students to excel in science-related classes by promoting STEM learning at a young age. The competition is set up in a round-robin format of five divisions in the morning, during which all participating teams competition, followed by another robin-round session involving each divisional winner with a double-elimination final tournament in the afternoon. The team that answers the most questions correctly will win the top honor, as well as an all-expense paid trip to compete in the National Middle School Science Bowl in Washington, DC. This event typically welcomes over 150 middle school students to the MSMS campus, along with faculty sponsors and administrators from roughly 20 different schools each year.

2022 Middle School Science Bowl