Programs & Camps

MSMS is motivated by a deep conviction that STEM education is a key component to developing students that are scientifically literate, strong critical thinkers, and innovative problem solvers.  We believe that now, more than ever, it is important for Mississippi’s youth to be armed with the knowledge and skills to solve difficult problems, gather and evaluate data, and make sense of information. These very skills are gained through STEM exploration. Studies have shown that exposure to STEM subjects early in life is tied to pursuit of STEM careers later in life.  

In addition to directly serving roughly 240 students annually, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science relies heavily on public outreach initiatives to expand our reach and increase science, technology, engineering, and mathematics literacy and enthusiasm among all public school students in the state of Mississippi. We offer a variety of innovative programs that provide Mississippi students and educators with opportunities for hands-on experiences with STEM subjectsEach year we impact over 6,000 students across the state, with the goal of engaging with every single school district in Mississippi. We are constantly striving to bring additional opportunities for STEM education to all students and are actively pursuing opportunities for partnership with individual schools, districts, and businesses across the state.