The 2017 Tales From The Crypt performers have been chosen. Tales from the Crypt is a United States History course with an emphasis on performance and research. During the fall semester, students research an assigned historical figure, while during the second semester they develop their performance skills in preparation for their production for the public in Friendship Cemetery in the spring. This week, senior veterans and junior hopefuls gathered in Shackleford Auditorium, the seniors to judge the performances and determine which of the performances would be represented in the actual production, and the juniors to present their pieces. Although every member of Tales is required to write a performance narrative about their historical figure, only a handful are selected to perform their narratives in the production; the rest of the class works behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly, and as guides to give Tales’ visitors historical context for the production.  

Historically, what students choose to write their performance narratives about and how they choose to portray their characters varies greatly, and this year was no different. Nine juniors were selected to perform their narratives in the spring, and now the rest of the semester will be devoted to preparation for that day! 

Individual Performances:

  • Jessica Smith
  • Tija Johnson
  • Keegan Lindsey
  • Hayden Stokley
  • Harpreet Singh
  • Kamal Bhalla
  • Joseph Mimbs
  • Anna Grace Dulaney
  • Jackson Sparkman
  • Decoration Day Ladies:
  • Christina Comino
  • Regan Conner
  • Ta’Kiya Moore
  • Alana Andrus
  • Erin Owens
  • Kennadi Freema