Logic and Game Theory is an elective math course that meets twice a week for an hour and a half at a time. The class is taught by Lauren Zarandona. The purpose of the course is to develop students’ understanding of logic fundamentals, and how to apply those skills to puzzles and games. More broadly, the course grants students a chance to develop basic critical thinking skills that will not only aid them in high level math courses but also in day to day life. For instance, right now students are learning how to construct structurally sound logical arguments, and how to identify and classify fallacies in argument. They look at statements made by politicians and evaluate both the structure and the validity of the premises and conclusions asserted by the politicians. A large portion of the class is also dedicated to problem solving and out of the box thinking through games and puzzles. Seniors Emily Oakes and Caroline Smith both love the class.  

 “Logic and game is actually a fun math class that I look forward to. It is very interactive critical thinking class with group based learning,” said Smith. Oakes adds that it is “A fun, stimulating class and Mrs. Z cracks me up.”