Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) of Grenada, Mississippi, has formed a partnership with the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS). In addition to providing expertise to the MSMS Engineering Program by serving on the MSMS Engineering Advisory Board with colleague, Dr. Paxton Giffin, Mr. James Pettit, ADP Production Manager and father of current MSMS student, Leah Pettit, has offered for MSMS students to tour the ADP facility in Grenada. As a part of the tour, employees from diverse facets of the company, including engineers, human resources, accounting, and safety will speak to students. Furthermore, ADP is sponsoring two paid summer internships for interested MSMS students and plans to promote job opportunities among MSMS alumni. 

ADP manufactures residential HVAC evaporator coils and is one of the top 20 manufacturing companies in Mississippi. Anticipating significant growth, ADP depends on a strong and vibrant STEM workforce in Mississippi. The company thrives as a result of developing partnerships with customers and providing unique solutions to meet their needs. That process requires constant innovation driven by a talented and flexible team. 

“I’ve often heard that manufacturing in America is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  ADP is proof that world-class operations can still thrive here in the US,” said Pettit. “The path to success starts with great talent and moves forward with the right strategy.  For ADP a significant component of that strategy is developing partnerships that generate wealth for both parties. We win not by competing for a larger slice of the pie, but instead by creating a larger pie.  Partnerships, like the one we are starting with MSMS, will continue to play an important role in our long term success.”

“MSMS is focused on partnering with businesses throughout Mississippi to provide high quality learning experiences for our students.  At a time when companies express difficulty in finding a qualified work force for highly skilled jobs, they need to know that MSMS students are among some of the brightest and well prepared in the country,” said MSMS Executive Director, Dr. Germain McConnell. “Our students are being prepared to not only fill the void, but also create jobs for Mississippi’s future economy.  Mr. Pettit and ADP leaders understand the importance of building relationships such as this, and we invite other Mississippi companies to consider taking similar steps to show our students the tremendous employment opportunities available in Mississippi.”