Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science seniors Emily Lin, Faith Bradford, and Sophia Toner have been awarded National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarships to study Russian this summer. 
Traditionally, the winners travel to Europe to participate in the 6-week program, which includes attending extensive language classes, living with a local family and visiting museums and other places of cultural interest; however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the program will be held virtually this year.
“I am excited to continue my Russian studies through NSLI-Y’s rigorous program,” Lin said.  “Although I would have liked to study abroad this summer, I am positive working with native speakers and passionate students will nevertheless give me an unforgettable experience.”
These scholars are among eight MSMS students who have been awarded NSLI-Y scholarships to study Russian. The previous winners include Mary Frances Holland, Class of 2015, in Moldova; Ayres McCammon, Class of 2015, in Estonia; Hillary Gerber, Class of 2017, in Moscow; Sydney Matrisciano, Class of 2018, in Moldova; Christian Couvillion, Class of 2020 to Latvia virtually.
“These students have worked hard here at MSMS and will be continuing to build their linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding – and one day they could use this knowledge to contribute greatly to improving our relationship with Russia,” World Languages instructor Margaret Mary said. “They are proof MSMS is succeeding in its global mission.”