MSMS Connects recently caught up with alumnus Joey Cramblitt, who graduated from MSMS in 1996.

Why did you choose MSMS?

I chose MSMS because my parents didn’t have much money to send me or my two sisters to college.  I knew that if I did well at MSMS, there was a high likelihood that I would earn a college scholarship.  Although I had to give up high school baseball, it was the right decision.

How would you describe your time at MSMS?

My time at MSMS was essential to my academic and social development.  Although it was only for two years, it was because of MSMS that I honed in on my chosen field of collegiate study, and it was at MSMS I developed most of my long lasting friendships.  It was even because of an MSMS friend I met the girl who would later become my wife.

After attending MSMS, what college did you attend?

I went straight to Ole Miss and earned a BBA in 2000.  I then went back to Ole Miss in 2004 and earned my J.D. in 2007.

How did MSMS help prepare you for your future professional endeavors?

Learning how to think through problems from different angles was huge for my future endeavors.  Also, at MSMS I was given the great opportunity of learning from and learning to listen to people with very different backgrounds and opinions.  I was quite insulated from differing opinions before I went to MSMS.

What is your current profession?

I am CFO and General Counsel for 2 start-up companies.  I manage company finances, write checks, process payroll, etc.  I am also the chief legal officer for the companies – I advise the CEO on all legal and regulatory issues, draft contracts, monitor legislation, etc.  I also wear many other hats.

Would you recommend attending MSMS?  

I would recommend MSMS for any Mississippi student lacking access to the kind of quality professors and expansive curriculum MSMS offers.  Talented young brains need opportunity and stimulation and too many Mississippi kids don’t have access.  MSMS is essential for filling that void and was absolutely pivotal for me.