Math Lab is a class available to assist juniors with their math skills that meets once a week for an hour and a half. Math labs are typically small classes featuring one-on-one interaction with MSMS math teachers. The curriculum intertwines math concepts with hands on activities to better engage the students and help them to understand the material covered in other classes. Today, the class reviewed complex numbers and quadratic equations. The students went over imaginary numbers and discovered the repetitive nature of i and practiced multiplying and dividing complex numbers using conjugates through a maze worksheet and practice problems.  

Math Lab is required for many students, but is also available to those who wish to earn extra credit or simply refresh previously learned concepts. For example, junior Kendra Bradley says that “math lab has helped me stay up to speed in my trigonometry class.”  

For every week a student attends math lab, they get an extra daily grade point added towards their nine weeks average in their main math class. Senior Morgan Dollar reminisces on her time in math lab, “My favorite math lab experience was Barbie Bungee because I overestimated how many rubber bands to tie to the feet of Barbie and she smacked the ground.”