This Wednesday, while the juniors were busy acing the PSAT, seniors were out and about across Columbus giving back to their community. Some were at the Riverwalk, cleaning and picking up trash, others were tutoring at Columbus Middle School, and still others were holding a Field Day for the local Boys and Girls club. Seniors planned events and games for the elementary students to participate in. The field day included a big game of kickball, wheelbarrow racing, red light green light, and face painting. The younger students were thrilled to find that the people from MSMS had so many events planned for them. With only a short time to have fun before their parents came to get them, the elementary students rushed to each event to get in as much as they could before they left. Students ran outside to play kickball and rushed to the line for face painting. Senior Emily Oakes said,  

“There seemed to be endless line of bright-eyed elementary students waiting for their chance to get their faces painted with rainbows and butterflies,” said MSMS senior Emily Oakes. 

Everyone agreed, it was very nice to spend this day helping others and giving back.