Last spring, twenty-two students from Mrs. Richardson’s Creative Writing I & II classes recorded original prose vignettes or poems, as part of the Rural Voices Radio Project–a collaboration between the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute and Mississippi Public Broadcasting. These original pieces, penned and read by MSMS students, aired daily at 3:28pm across the entire MPB listening area beginning in mid-August and continuing through October. As an additional honor, two MSMS students, Aidan Dunkelberg and Wrishija Roy, have been contacted about the possible use of their Rural Voices Vignettes in a writing textbook.

The complete list of students whose pieces were aired as part of Rural Voices Radio includes:

·         August 8th- Damare Baker- Peace & Quiet- 2017 Graduate

·         August 9th- Dustin Dunaway- Names- 2017 Graduate

·         August 10th- Emily Hook- Southern Speaking- 2017 Graduate

·         August 11th- Emily Oakes- Columbus- 2017 Graduate

·         August 14th- Rebecca Chen- Hub City- 2017 Graduate

·         August 15th- Jax Dallas- Breakfast- 2017 Graduate

·         August 16th- Madalyn Coln- Harvest- 2017 Graduate

·         August 17th- Jalexis Evans- Overcoming the Silence- 2017 Graduate

·         August 18th- Russell Hatcher- Hootenanny- 2017 Graduate

·         August 21st- Sam Williams- The Dam Road- 2017 Graduate

·         August 22nd- Wrishija Roy- American Dream- 2017 Graduate

·         August 23rd- Stephanie Dauber- Dear Deer- Current Senior

·         August 24th- Savannah Poe- 5 Girls at the Gazebo- 2017 Graduate

·         August 25th- Zoe Fowler- Miss Ann’s Peach Pie- 2017 Graduate

·         September 11th- Dustin Dunaway- Brick Paved Streets- 2017 Graduate

·         September 12th- Kallia Cooper- Common Sense- 2017 Graduate

·         September 13th- Landry Flice- Vacation Bible School- 2017 Graduate

·         September 14th- Mayukh Datta- The God of Tornados- 2017 Graduate

·         September 15th- Damare Baker- Mommanaem- 2017 Graduate

·         September 26th- Russell Hatcher-Look- 2017 Graduate

·         September 27th- Reagan Poston- Fruit of the Earth- 2017 Graduate

·         September 28th- Liam McDougal- Speech- Current Senior

·         September 29th- Aidan Dunkleberg- Plymouth Bluff- Current Senior

·         October 2nd- Kallia Cooper- Southern Thing- 2017 Graduate

·         October 3rd- Stephanie Dauber- Sticking MS- Current Senior

·         October 9th- Kallia Cooper- Southern Thing- Senior- MSMS

·         October 10th- Stephanie Dauber- Sticking MS- Junior- MSMS

·         October 11th- Laurel Yarborough- Storytelling- Senior- MSMS

·         October 12th- Wrishija Roy- Language- Senior- MSMS

·         October 13th- Zoe Fowler- Luxapilila- Senior- MSMS

·         October 16th- Emily Hook- MS Crossroads- Senior- MSMS

·         October 17th- Jalexis Evans- Night is Better Than Day- Senior- MSMS

·         October 18th- Laurel Yarborough- Living Nativity- Senior- MSMS

·         October 19th- Madalyn Coln- MS Home- Senior- MSMS

·         October 20th- Savannah Poe- MS Winter- Senior- MSMS

·         October 23rd- Wrishija Roy- Landmarks- Senior- MSMS

If you are interested in learning more about this unique project, check out the Commercial Dispatch’s article, Having Their Voices Heard, available here.