Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science will present its sixth annual Traveling STEM Carnival at Henry J. Kirksey Middle School in Jackson on Feb. 10. 

Since 2014, MSMS has hosted the carnival across Mississippi to give elementary school students the opportunity to participate in educational, interactive STEM-related exhibits. This year, MSMS students and faculty will manage eight different exhibits for over a thousand fourth graders from Jackson Public Schools.  

JPS Elementary Assistant Superintendents have been intentional about ensuring fourth grade scholars have an opportunity to engage in science standards in a fun learning environment. 

“We are delighted for this opportunity and partnership with the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science,” said Dr. Kathleen Grigsby, the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Division. “This collaboration gives our students the exposure and academic enrichment to excel in STEM.” 

During the carnival, students can visit the exhibits to learn more about key principles such as inertia, electricity, the metrics system and properties of water in addition to participating in robotics themed games and competing against their MSMS leaders at the code-breaking game Mastermind. 

“The Traveling STEM Carnival is a major undertaking; we have over 100 volunteers, one dozen adult supervisors and activities for over a thousand students,” said Lauren Zarandona, a math instructor at MSMS. “It’s easy to wonder if it is worth the time and money. However, when the first group of fourth graders beat their MSMS helper at our version of Mastermind or they unlock the digital lockbox created just for them, the unique learning experience makes it all worthwhile.”