On Sunday, April 15 and Monday, April 16, students from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science competed in the 2018 Mu Alpha Theta State Convention at Mississippi College. 

Mu Alpha Theta is the national high school mathematics society and was formed in 1957 at the University of Oklahoma with a mission to encourage and inspire an interest in mathematics scholarship among high schoolers across the United States. Each state organizes an annual statewide convention for students and teachers to participate in math-related competitions designed to reward outstanding extracurricular achievement in the field of mathematics.

This year, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science won the overall sweepstakes prize at the state convention! The team was led by William Johnson and Leah Pettit, both seniors at MSMS. Additionally, Gary Nguyen and Jim Zhang, also current seniors at MSMS, were instrumental in organizing and overseeing team practices. Mrs. Lauren Zarandona, Mathematics Faculty at MSMS, served as the club’s sponsor and devoted countless hours to assist the team on their quest to conquer the state convention competition. Congratulations to the entire Mu Alpha Theta team for their excellent academic performance at the state convention. 

Below is a complete summary of individual and team awards:

Ezra McWilliams- Algebra 2, 5th place

Michelle Luo- Trig/Pre-Cal, 1st place

Liz Huynh-  Trig/Pre-Cal, 8th place

Danail Dimitrov-  Trig/Pre-Cal, 9th place

Connor Chitmon- College Algebra, 2nd place

Aidan Warren- College Algebra, 4th place

Kevin Liao- Statistics, 1st place

Maria Kaltchenko-  Statistics, 4th place; Chalk Talk, 1st place

Lori Feng-  Statistics, 7th place

Leah Pettit-  Statistics, 8th place

Hamilton Wan- Calculus- 1st place

Brent Styles-  Calculus- 2nd place 

Aidan Dunkelberg-  Calculus- 7th place 

Victoria Gong-  Calculus- 8th place 

As a team, MSMS won:

4th place Banner

2nd place Scrapbook

4th place Logo

1st place Video (thanks to Kendra Bradley, Michelle Luo, and Vivienne Tenev)

6th place Junior Ciphering

1st place Intermediate Ciphering

1st place Advanced Ciphering

1st place Potpourri

3rd place Hustle

1st place Relay

2nd place Interschool