National History Day is a competition for high-school students who conduct original primary document research projects on historical topics of interest. Students in August started researching and writing on their topics. Discarding some topics along the way, defining their topics and ultimately putting together with research paper, a documentary, a website, or a performance along with a focus paper containing an annotated bibliography.

This year MSMS had 14 students compete in the National History Day state competition on March 23 at the University of Southern Mississippi.  All 14 students placed in the top three in their category!!!  First and second place winners will advance to Nationals in Washington, DC in June. Third place are alternates and will move up if either first or second place cannot compete. MSMS received the most awards in the Senior Division Competition!!

Senior Research Paper

1st place  Dennis Lee “1938 Yellow River Flood: Triumph for the Nation and Tragedy for the People”

            1st place Archival Research Award

2nd place Emily Penton – “Mental Asylums during the Nineteenth & Twentieth Century: How Change Came About”

Senior Individual Website

2nd place Mildred Perdue “Henrietta Lacks, The Unspoken Hero of Modern Medicine”

3rd place Rachel Zheng  “Mao Zedong: Communist Revolutionary and Creator of a Cultural Catastrophe”

Senior Group Website

1st place  Devin Chen, Esmond Tsang, Lori Feng 

“8/8/88 Myanmar Uprisings: A Triumphant Democratic Victory with a Tragic Legacy”

Honorable Mention  Archival Research Award

Senior Individual Performance

1st place  Sarah Perry “Aux Armes, Citoyens: The Triumph and Tragedy of Women in the French Resistance”

            1st place War and Society Award

Senior Individual Documentary

2nd place Bryonie Mandal   “Sri Ramakrishna: A Teacher and Philosopher Hidden by His Own Creation”

3rd place Davis Magee  “The Tragedy of the U.S.S. Indianapolis”

Senior Group Documentary

1st place Likhitha Polepalli, Catherine Boltz, Caroline Boltz, River Gordon 

“Amrita Sher-Gil: Painting the Unfinished Picture of Change”

1st place Women in History Award