Last Thursday, October 4th, a group of 20 MSMS physics students traveled to Flowood, Mississippi to present for Energy Awareness Day.

About 1,000 elementary and middle school students attended, and even though the Mississippi Development Authority hosted the event, other companies and schools also gave presentations about energy usage and concepts.

MSMS Physics Instructor Dr. Charles Vaughan viewed the event as a great success.

“Energy Awareness Day’s main goal was to raise awareness about energy usage for various devises. Our contribution was to raise awareness as well, but also to participate in outreach so students can learn about MSMS,” he said, “I thought it was very successful from our end; all of the MSMS students were very engaged!”

MSMS Physics students and Energy Day presenters also thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Hamilton Wan, an MSMS senior, said “I thought it was really fun, especially getting to introduce kids to electricity concepts, and I think they definitely learned a lot, judging by their ‘wows’ and radiated excitement. A lot of what we showed them was definitely unexpected for the students.”

Senior Victoria Gong agreed. “I had a good time presenting electricity to younger kids. It really made my heart soar when I could tell we had explained things in a way that connected with some kids and they nodded in understanding or when they answered our questions with excitement.”

Clearly, Energy Awareness Day was a success for both the students presenting!