On October 20, 2016, the senior class participated in a Service Day event which was organized by the class officers and the class sponsors. This year, the senior class served four places: Columbus Boys and Girls club, Columbus Middle School, the Columbus Riverwalk, and the MSMS Engineering Lab.  

At Columbus Middle School, the students participated in teaching the middle schoolers about data collection and science fair projects. For the sixth graders, the seniors showed their younger counterparts how to correctly collect data by doing experiments with paper airplanes. For the seventh graders, the students modeled the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and showed the students how to correctly build a science fair project. For the eighth graders, the seniors helped them develop questions for a science fair projects, and the MSMS students also showed them how to correctly model scientific situations.  

“I enjoyed my time at the school as students were interested in the science projects that we brought to them,” said MSMS senior Jenny Nyguen who participated at Columbus Middle School.  

At Columbus Boys and Girls club, the students participated in a field day for the Club’s children. Kickball games and wheelbarrow races were organized by the MSMS volunteers. 

“I wanted all the senior to have the same experience as the students who volunteer there on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said Senior Class President, Mayukh Datta.  

“As we utilize the safe and scenic environment of the Riverwalk almost every day for cross-country, it was very exciting to be able to give back to a place which we use so often,” said MSMS student Ariel Williams.  

At the Engineering Lab, the students brought the lab to safety standards, and were assisted by experts from Steel Dynamics.