Holden Hebert Named 2024 Mississippi Lions All-State Band Member

By Caleb Youngblood, Public Relations Coordinator

December 4, 2023

For the third year in a row, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science senior, Holden Hebert earned a place in the award-winning Mississippi Lions Band. This honor will allow Hebert to represent Mississippi at the 106th annual Lions Clubs International Convention in Melbourne, Australia.

“Being among one of those selected few is incredible,” Hebert said. “My favorite part about performing with the All-State Lions Band is just to compete and perform with talented musicians. The community and people involved is what inspires me to pursue my talent extensively. The musicians I meet are all like-minded, are some of the smartest people in the state and not to mention incredibly talented.”

The Mississippi Lions All-State Band is the premiere honor band in the state. Established in 1949 under the leadership of Roy Martin, The Mississippi Lions have been named international champion 37 times. More than 100 students from across Mississippi are selected each year for the band through an audition process. Each student prepares two pieces of music to perform in front of a panel of judges.

Hebert began his music education in the Starkville High School Band program which has a long-standing tradition of excellence. He performed first chair for bass clarinet during his time there and continues to play the bass clarinet with the MSMS Instrumental & Chamber Ensembles group.

“Thanks to my time at Starkville, I was able to develop my technical ability, but my time at MSMS has helped improve my musicality.”

Hebert additionally studies privately at Mississippi State University through the innovative Community Music School. This program pairs local students with MSU music professors and graduate students.

“I am disappointed that I couldn’t be with the (Lions) band a little bit longer, but I am excited knowing that my time playing at a high school level is coming to a close. I want to finish this year playing at my best and happily conclude my last memories with the Lions Band.”

To learn more about the Mississippi Lions Band, please visit https://www.misslionsband.org

To see some of their performances on YouTube, please visit CA Video Productions