Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is pleased to announce world languages instructor Lori Pierce was elected to serve as President of the Mississippi Foreign Language Association (MFLA). 

Established in 1934, the MFLA seeks to advance the study and teaching of world languages in schools, colleges and universities across Mississippi through annual conferences, workshops and partnerships. As president, Pierce is determined to further the MFLA’s mission by providing an array of opportunities for world languages instructors across the state. 

“I want teachers in Mississippi to have access to any training they feel would improve their teaching, to networks of colleagues with whom they can brainstorm and share teaching ideas, and to provide a link to larger regional and national organizations that support world language teachers,” Pierce said.  “I also enjoy a good working relationship with our MDE representative and want to continue to work to provide the kind of environment in Mississippi that support world language teaching.”

Pierce has served in a variety of leadership roles in the Mississippi chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German and MFLA for over a decade. In addition, she serves as an advisory committee member of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) World Languages Committee, where she helped rewrite the Mississippi Teaching Standards for World Languages and created the first edition of the Mississippi World Language Teaching Guide. 

“Pierce serves as a valuable member of the World Languages Advisory Committee for MDE,” said Limeul Eubanks, MDE Arts and World Languages Director. “Her openness and willingness to share with others demonstrates what it means to be a professional educator, which has helped in the revision of the MS World Languages Standards and creating instructional resources advocating for effective language teaching in our state. We are very fortunate to have her in an MFLA leadership position, and I am looking forward to working with her in this new role.”