An Exploration of Photography

This class will explore a variety of photographic techniques ranging from alternative process photography, to the current use of digital techniques, and also basic photo editing. Students will have an opportunity to develop photographic works in multiple mediums as well as gain an understanding for the photographic process.

The Face of STEM

What does a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professional look like? Not the stereotype! From math to physics to biology to chemistry, we will consider the life and work of famous women in STEM as we do what they did: play with rockets, explore DNA, and seek to unravel some of life’s amazing mysteries.

Mystery of Forensic Science

Have you ever wondered how evidence is collected to help bring criminals to justice? Does learning about different techniques and skills used by forensic scientists and crime scene investigators sound interesting to you? Join us as we perform ink chromatography, gel electrophoresis and forensic entomology to solve a few cases of our own!

Bet On It

Throughout history, cultures have used different types of dice to make decisions and play games. When should you roll again? Should you call the bluff? Cut your losses while you can? We will explore dice games and activities, while we learn the math associated with them.

Junkyard Wars

Use simple, (mostly) recycled or reused materials to meet design challenges from egg drop to to Rube Goldberg machines. You will work in teams to solve each challenge.

No Experience Needed Coding

Looking for all students who are interested in computer programming or playing with Robots but have little to no experience. Learn how to program the Sphero Robot and challenge yourself to guide the Sphero through 5 challenging courses/obstacles.

Engineering and Teamwork

Discover the engineering process and foster your teamwork skills through hands-on activities. Students will work with new partners each day to create cargo containers, a mountainous road, a payload mover, and bore through Mount MSMS.

Magic in Chemistry in Harry Potter's World

In this course, students will enter the world magic (via the Hogwarts School) to uncover chemical concepts and principles while exploring and understanding the “magic” of science. Students will participate in inquiry-based activities for hands-on discovery of basic principles of chemistry and the relevance of these principles to daily life in the world of Muggles.

Positively Medieval: The Return

Back by popular demand is the original Positively Medieval class which allows students to make paper from rags, dye wool with natural dyes, and live through a siege by making catapults and crossbows! As an added attraction, students will also be grinding pigments to make paints and learning about medieval rope making.


Robotics is the fusion of Computer Science and Engineering, and in our camp, we will give students the opportunity to experience both. The Robotics course will teach students the basics of computer programming logic while letting them build their own interactive fields and games.

Stop-Motion Storytelling

Get creative! Stop-motion animation combines creative writing, technology, art, and music to tell stories one frame at a time. In this class, you will learn how to create stop-motion animation with 2D and 3D images. Not of a fan of drawing? Not a problem! From paper cutting to play-dough modeling, you will work in teams to meet the objective of the day.