Frequently Asked Questions

MSMS is a public, residential high school for academically gifted juniors and seniors who reside in the state of Mississippi.

To be considered for admissions to MSMS, you must first meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a resident of the state of Mississippi
  • Currently be enrolled in the tenth grade
  • Earn a minimum of twelve Carnegie units of study by the completion of tenth grade with certain classes by the end of their 10th grade year
  • Show evidence of superior grades, especially in the areas of mathematics and science, with an overall average of 90 or higher.
  • Submit an official ACT Score Report 
  • Submit a completed application by the priority deadline

MSMS uses SchoolAdmin for admissions and enrollment management functions. You can access SchoolAdmin at https://themsms.schooladminonline.com/users/sign_in. You may create a student account at any time to begin receiving regular communication from MSMS; however, you will only be able to complete the application for admission during your tenth grade year. Once the application for the year you are seeking enrollment goes live (typically in mid-August), you will receive notification via email and will be able to begin completing the application.

The application includes a checklist of items that you must complete. Some of these items, such as your transcript and ACT score simply need to be scanned and uploaded into your application. Other sections, such as your resume, personal narrative, and essay questions require you to write personalized content. Additionally, you will be asked to provide three teacher recommendations and one counselor recommendation. You will simply provide your recommendations’ information and SchoolAdmin will send them the required forms. If at any time you are unsure of what tasks remain in your application, simply refer to the checklist on the main page of your SchoolAdmin account.          

MSMS considers three factors when evaluating an applicant: past academic performance, ACT test scores, and extracurricular interest and accomplishments. We are seeking well-rounded students with a passion for STEM subject areas. We want students who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves and want to actively participate in their education in the classroom and beyond.

The MSMS ACT code is 251409. Please note that this is not a 4 digit college code, but a HIGH SCHOOL code.

Log into your ACT account at http://actstudent.org/. Click on “VIEW SCORES” and if your scores are available you will be prompted to re-enter your password. Click on “DOWNLOAD STUDENT SCORE REPORT PDF”, and PDF will download and pop up when the download is complete. Right click anywhere on the PDF and select “SAVE”. Then save to your computer’s desktop and submit the PDF to the ACT form within the student portal.

Completed applications including all forms and recommendations are due by February 1. For students who elect to take the February ACT, we will accept your updated ACT score; however, we cannot guarantee that it will be factored into final selection as we may not receive the information in time. As a result, we recommend that students consider the December ACT as their last opportunity to submit an updated ACT score for admission consideration.

MSMS requires all students to have completed twelve Carnegie credits by the end of their tenth grade year. The following classes must be completed by the end of the tenth grade year:

  • Two units of English. English I and II are required.
  • Two units of Mathematics. Algebra I and Geometry are required. Algebra II is recommended.
  • Two units of science. Biology I is required. Chemistry is recommended.
  • Two units of Social Studies – Any combination of Mississippi Studies, World Geography, World History, Economics or Government equaling two full units that will count towards graduation is required. Additional Social Studies units are recommended. Please note that only a half unit of geography can be applied towards graduation (i.e. AP Human Geography will only count for a half unit).
  • ½ unit of Health

MSMS strongly recommends the following courses to be complete before enrolling:

  • One unit of Technology. Computer Discovery, STEM, or ½ unit of Keyboarding and ½ unit of Computer Applications.
  • ½ unit of Physical Education.

Yes. One of the benefits of MSMS being housed on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women is our ability to offer a wide variety of university/dual credit classes. Please refer to the Course Catalog for an overview of typical offerings.

Yes. All MSMS classes are taught at an honors level with many of the classes being taught as Advanced Placement. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus are examples of a few of the Advanced Placement courses available at MSMS. Please refer to the Course Catalog for an overview of typical offerings.

MSMS is a public high school. There is no cost to apply or attend MSMS. There is a nominal boarding fee of $500 per semester to offset the cost of meals and housing. Financial assistance is available to families in need through the MSMS Foundation. Additionally, if you qualify for free and reduced lunch, the fee is automatically waived.

No. The only time you can apply to MSMS is your tenth grade year. MSMS is a two-year school and admission is for your eleventh and twelfth grade years. Once you have been accepted to MSMS you do not have to re-apply for your senior year. Seniors in good academic standing and without excessive behavioral issues will receive invitations to return for their senior year at MSMS.

While MSMS does not have a football, basketball, or baseball team, we offer competitive 3A teams in cross country, soccer, swim, track, and tennis. There are several athletic intramural clubs that do not compete with other schools, like basketball, ultimate frisbee, and powerlifting.

Yes. MSMS does have a band and a chorus and both perform throughout the year. One of the highlights of being in band or chorus is the opportunity to participate in Sights and Sounds, an annual event that travels throughout the state of Mississippi putting on musical performances at venues like the B.B. King Blues Museum in Indianola, the Grammy Museum in Cleveland, and venues outside of Mississippi like Graceland in Memphis and Preservation Jazz Hall in New Orleans.

Yes. MSMS holds a club fair at the beginning of each school year. Over 50 clubs have booths and representatives for the clubs talk with new students about the benefits of joining their specific organization. There are public service, cultural and faith-based, political, music/dance, art/literature/performing arts, and games/intramurals/athletics/fitness clubs. Because we are a residential school, MSMS wants students to have an opportunity to build community beyond the classroom. Participation in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities is encouraged. Students are also allowed to create their own clubs provided they have a designated faculty/staff sponsor and follow the appropriate process for creating a new club.

Before attending MSMS, a counselor will meet with you to discuss class options. On average a MSMS student takes between 6-8 classes. Because classes are taught at such a high-level, our counselors suggest taking no more than nine classes in a semester.

On average, there are 16 students to every one teacher. Depending on the specificity of the class, that number may decrease. There are usually 24 people in each lab class. All classes are taught by MSMS faculty members and all faculty members possess at least a master’s degree in their field of expertise, with roughly half holding a nominal degree in their chosen field.

Yes. MSMS encourages all interested students to visit campus. Tours allow you to meet our faculty, staff, and students. One-on-one conversation with an Admissions Office staff member, and the opportunity to visit a classroom also makes tours at MSMS very beneficial. MSMS tours are generally scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We prefer to give tours when school is in session so prospective families receive the full MSMS experience. To that end, we do not generally provide tours during the summer or extended breaks.

MSMS is neither on a block schedule nor a 7-period schedule. MSMS works on a college schedule. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes are 55 minutes long and there are eight periods on those days. Tuesday and Thursday classes are 1.5 hours long and there are five periods. Tuesday and Thursday are also lab days.

Yes. MSMS is known for its robust research program. We partner with Mississippi State University to provide students with research opportunities matched to their fields of interest. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of summer research placement opportunities in partnership with the University of Mississippi, the University of Southern Mississippi, Delta State University, and Jackson State University. In the spring, we host a Research Symposium where students who completed a research project present their findings to the entire student body.